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Industrial Digital weighing indicator.


GI-900  is a Modernized Digital Weight Indicator, which is designed for Higher Accuracy with High resolution A/D converter. This system incorporates industry standard calibration parameters and weighing rules. It is for both static and dynamic weighing. Our digital weighing indicator using high speed A/D converter for accurate weighing, portable axle weigh bridges and portable weigh pads for dynamic in-motion weighing..


Road weigh
Road weigh


Dynamic road weigh in-motion for toll booths and RTO inspections, the weighing speed of vehicles up to 5Kmph.
The axle weighbridges can be used for weighing all kind of Trucks and Trailors from 1 to 150 Tons, the maximum axle load should be below 50 tons.
Axle weighbridges applications:

  • Stock management
  • Accurate measurement and recording of materials transport
  • Public utilities
  • Waste contractors
  • Concrete premix batching plants
  • Aircraft weighing

This system applicable for all types of weighing applications, such as,

  • Road weigh Bridge
  • Crane Scale
  • Static Rail weighing
  • WIM(Weigh In-Motion)
  • Batch Weighing
  • All kinds of Precision Weighing
Road weigh
Road weigh


  • 24 bit Resolution Analog to Digital Converter
  • High ADC sampling rate
  • Inbuilt Data Flash Memory
  • RS232 Connectivity
  • Anti-vibration
  • Imported Enclosure
  • PC Based Weighing ¬†software



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