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About Us:

Gannet Technogies is Munufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of DIGITAL WEIGHHING SCALES, and Solar inverter and Solar panels,Biometric door access system and Biometric attendants System and industrial scales and In-motion Rail weighing machines,Road weighing indicator and crane Scales.The company’s range of industrial line includes bench scales,platform scales and much more. As exporters,manufacturers and suppliers of industrials scales and weighing machines, Gannet is to rise above its competition and become one of the leading suppliers of quality weighing systems.

Solar inverter and Solar panels,solar street lamps and solar garden lamps also we made it in india. We are doing Embedded projects using microcontroller and PLC.

For your weighing needs, Gannet Technologies is committed to providing customers with the most technologically advanced weighing equipment the company offers the best possible mixof high quality products, highly trained responsive people and a strong commitment to customer service.


The company's customers include leading industrial units, retail shops, to whom it presents a vast array of professional weighing instruments. GANNET products help its customers perform tests required to gain critical information about how materials perform and to develop high quality products for their specific markets.

Presently, the company's range of ELECTRONIC / DIGITAL
WEIGHING SCALES, and weighing machines are used for applications like Batch control, In-motion Weighing, Bagging/Packaging, Material Handling, Truck Weighing, Loss-In-Weight, Shipping, Machine Control and Check weighing.


As exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of ELECTRONIC / DIGITAL WEIGHING SCALES from, India, Precision
supplies its industrial scales and Weighing Scales to the following industries: Agricultural, Automotive, Chemical, Food
Processing, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Waste, Process Control and Retail Markets.

Design and Development

Our Design & Development group has enabled us to pioneer the indigenous manufacture of a range of

Apart from new product development programmers, this group constantly monitors field problems associated with our
own developed/manufactured products and has a systematic and continuing product improvement process.



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