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The stand alone fingerprint T&A system. It is built in Linux operating system. The identification speed is fast and FFR and FAR are low. Memory stick solves the problem of no PC in local site. You just download records into the stick and take it to where there is PC. Standard web server function lets you navigate the records in it through TCP/IP at your convenience.





  • 2007 version of algorithms with dependability and accuracy. Identification speed obviously improved, process
    3000 fingerprint, no matter good or poor within 2 seconds.

  • Built in embedded standalone module(ZEM50C) with strong 32 bit X-scale CPU, it is easy to integrate with

  • various systems.
  • CMOS automated exposure and intelligent compensation improved image quality.

  • Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.

  • USB-client function provide convenient communication method using USB interface.

  • User capacity :1600

  • Transaction storage :50000

  • Algorithm version :2007 version ZK new algorithm

  • Hardware platform :ZEM500

  • Operating system :Linux

  • Communication :RS232,RS485,TCP/IP,USB-device

  • Identification time : <=2S

  • FAR : <=0.0001%

  • FRR : <=1%

  • LED :Red, Green

  • Operating Temperature : 0°C-45°C

  • Operating humidity :20%-80%

  • Standard function :Work code, Web server, function key, scheduled boil, short
    Message, daylight saving

  • Optional : ID/Mifare/HID/HID Class card, 5V UPS, Printer, WIFI,
    USB host

  • Sensor : ZK sensor

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